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“The art of Ben Jones is a spiritual journey that continues the struggle for identity, freedom, justice and love for the

salvation of the human family. Ben reveals his sense of responsibility to his ancestral legacy by continuing the work

against oppression, exploitation and hegemony through the symbolic power of his work.

Ben has battled much of his life for spaces where his culture can be honoured and respected with equal validity

amongst others. His struggle has been a journey documented not only in the array of his works, but in the actions

he has taken as an activist and speaker on the political issues of our time…

Each of Ben’s humble offerings reveals his prayer for greater understanding and love. At a glance we witness

instances of transformative energies called forth for a world still within our grasp, if we open our minds and our


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About Ben Jones.

Ben Jones was born in New Jersey in 1941. He received an MFA from Pratt University (Brooklyn, NY), MA from New York University (New

York, NY) and BFA from William Paterson University (Wayne, NJ). Jones has made over fifty cultural exchange visits to Cuba since the

nineteen-seventies, and is noted by the Granma International of Havana, Cuba as one of the most important African-American artists of his

generation. For over four decades, Jones’ multimedia installations have reflected his travel and research in Africa, Europe, South America,

United States and the Caribbean. The brilliant rhythmic colors, abstract motifs, dense symmetrically designed compositions and symbols

found in Jones’ work combine a classical portrayal of African art and culture as represented by the African Diaspora experience.

Jones political consciousness developed early as he began to create art that expressed the social conditions of his time as a key part of his

activism. Works from the 1970s onwards reflected the artist’s exploration of his African American heritage; including African spiritualism

and ritual, body painting traditions as well as jazz and soul music. His long-time engagement with the Black Power / Black Arts

movements, as evidenced by depictions of Malcolm X and others, has broadened over the years to encompass his deep concern for the

environment and the survival of all life forms.

Jones’ political and cultural involvement takes a global view; “I want my work to be for everyone. Once we realize that we are not only one

world, but a part of an expanding universe, we begin to express the joy of creation and a love for all people”

Artist Background



1941        Born May 26th in Paterson, New Jersey (attended the city of Paterson public schools).


Academic Studies:


MFA, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

MA, New York University, New York, NY

BA, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2023      Ben F. Jones "The Universe of Ben Jones" William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

2022        Ben F. Jones (The Bigger Picture) 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning London, UK 

2021    Ben Jones / William Rhodes (Making The Connections) California Institute of Integral Studies 

        San Francisco, CA, USA

2020        New Media Abstraction and Identity Politics: Rosenthal Gallery in Fayetteville State

2019    Extinction Notice (The Bigger Picture) African American Art & Culture Center, San Francisco, CA        

2019        Resurgence Rise Again, Pittsburgh, PA

2018        MAM Contemporaries, Montclair, NJ

2017        Museo de Bellas Artes Universal Havana, Cuba

2013        Evolution Revolution 2, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

2011        Evolution-Revolution, London, England

2009               Siguaraya Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2008         Deliverance: The Art of Ben Jones, Jersey City, NJ

2008              Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles, CA

2007           Centro Civico Las Sirenas, Sevilla,Spain

2006         Jadite Gallery, New York, NY

2004         Hammonds House, Atlanta, GA

2003        WBGO Gallery, Newark, N.J.

2003        Jadite Gallery, New York, NY

2002    Brothers Lemmerman Gallery, New Jersey City University

2001    Jadite Gallery, New York, NY

2000    Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba 

2000    Associao Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos (ACBEU), Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

2000    NCA Gallery, Detroit, MI

2000     Jadite Gallery, New York, NY1999    Studio Aperto, Rome, Italy

1998    Jadite Gallery, New York, NY

1997    Jadite Gallery, New York, NY

1997        Williams Center, Rutherford, NJ

1996     Espace Gaite, Paris, France

1995    Centro Provincial De Artes Plasticas, Santa de Cuba, Cuba

1995    Bratton Gallery, New York, NY

1995    Bratton Gallery, New York, NY

1994    Centro Provincial De Artes Plasticas, Havana, Cuba

1994    Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ

1998     Gallery, London, England

1993    Rene Portocarrero Gallery, Havanna, Cuba

1992    Courtney Gallery, Jersey City State University, Jersey City, NJ

1993    Broadway Gallery, Passaic County Community College, Paterson, NJ    

1986    New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ

1984    Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

1982    Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ

1976    Howard University, Washington, DC1975    

1975    Acts of Art Gallery, New York, NJ

1974    Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn, NY

1973    Studio Museum of Harlem, New York, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions:


2021        Ben Jones and “His Art Students” Nimbus Art Center 

2020    New Media Abstraction and Identity Politics: Rosenthal Gallery in Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC

2019    Envision Empower Embrace, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ

2018         Constructing Identity, Montclair, NJ

2017        2020: Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

2016        Collage Effects: Art of the African Diaspora, William Patterson, NJ

2015        “A River Depends on its Tributaries” 

 Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ 

2015        "Sudden Juxtapositions" Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building

        New York, NY

2014                "African-American Artists & Abstraction" 

        The National Fine Arts Museum, Havana Cuba

2008                   "The Power of Healing" Summit Medical Group, Summit, NJ

2007                    "Red Badge of Courage" National Newark Building , Newark, NJ

2005        Art Market, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

2005    Creative Energy and Enduring Spirit, North Carolina Central University Art Museum and Hayti Heritage Center, Durham, NC

2005        Two Good Not To Be Known, 1978 Maplewood Arts Center, Maplewood, NJ

2004    Transcribing A Moment of Struggle, Transcultural, NJ – City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ

2004        On Their Own, Mason Gross, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

2004        Red Velvet Cake, The Atrium, Morristown, NJ

2004        Pen Brush Club, New York, NY

2003        Sumei Multicultural Center; Newark, NJ

2003        “Three Generations of Black Art” Montclair State University Art Galleries, 2003-04

2002        Chair City:  Chair Philosophy, NCA Gallery, Detroit, MI

2002        NCA International Exhibition; Ghana National Museum-Accra, Ghana

2002        Brothers, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

2002        Off The Wall, Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ

2002        Driskell Center Gala 2002,The David Driskell Center, College Park, MD

2001        Treasurers From The Amistad Research Center, 

                            The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA

2001        AC-BAW, Mt. Vernon, NY

2001        Schomburg Center, New York, NY

2000        Havana Bienniale, Havana, Cuba

2000        Amistad Research Center, New Orleans, LA

2000        Amistad Foundation, Hartford, Conn.

2000        Collectors Choice, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ

1999        Spirituality in African-American Art, Smithsonian

        (Ancostia Museum), Washington, DC

1999               Paterson Boys – Nathan’s Gallery, Paterson, NJ

1999        Black Artists – Gallery de Bahia, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

1999        NCA Gallery, Detroit, MI

1999        African Diaspora – Cinque Gallery, New York, NY

1998        Satori Gallery, Chicago, IL 1998           South Shore Arts Center, Chicago, IL

1997        The Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture, New York, NY

1996        Henry Street Settlement Gallery, New York, NY

1995        Bratton Gallery, New York, NY

1994        Bratton Gallery, New York, NY

1993        Pain Webber Gallery, New York, NY

1992        The Expanding Circle – The Gallery at Bristol Myers – Squibb, Princeton, NJ

1992        Montclair Museum, Montclair, NJ

1991        The Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

1990        Korea Gallery, New York, NY

1990        Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI

1990        High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

1989        Masks – The Afro-American Historical & Cultural Museum, Phildelphia, PA

1989        Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

1988        Art Jonction International, Niece, France

1987        Terakada Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1987        Veridian Gallery, New York, NY

1987        Montclair Museum, Montclair, NJ

1987        New Jersey Center for the Arts, Summit, NJ

1986        Yellow Dot Gallery, New York, NY

1986        Museum of American Life and Culture, Dallas, TX

1986        Pennsylvania Academy of Art, Philadelphia, PA

1986        New Jersey Printmaking Council, Somerville, NJ

1986        Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1985        Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX

1985        Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA

1984        Broadway Gallery, Paterson, NJ

1983        Gallery 62, Gallery, New York, NY

1983        National Afro-American Art Exhibition, Atlanta Life Insure Co. Atlanta, GA

1982        National Afro-American Art Exhibition, Atlanta Life Insure Co. Atlanta, GA

1982        Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY

1982        Acorn Gallery, Boulder, CO

1982        Nardin Gallery, New York, NY

1982        Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

1981        Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA

1979        Los Angeles Museum, Los Angeles, CA

1979        San Jose Museum, San Jose, CA

1978        Schenectady Museum, Schenectady, NY

1978        Black Art, San Francisco, CA

1977        FESTAC, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

1976        Riverside Museum, New York, NY

1975        Smith Mason Gallery, Washington, DC

1975        Purdue University, West Lafayette, NJ

1975        Lee Nordness Gallery, New York, NY

1973        Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

1973    Dusable Museum, Chicago, IL

1972    Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

1972        Black Artists, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, April 1972

1971    Newark Museum, New York, NY

1972    Nyumba Ya Sanaa Gallery, New York, NY

1970    Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

1971    Newark Museum, Newark, NJ



Selected Publications:  




2014                     Xhibiting Blackness – Dr. Bridget R. Cooks, Brady Charles Blakeley and A. Michelle 

    Blakeley, February 1, 2014

2014                     Afro-Cuban Religious Arts- Kristine Juncker, University Press of Florida, Gainsville, FL

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New Black Perspectives

We Wear the Mask:  The Ethos of Spirituality in African-American Art, 

(Book In Process)

Catalogues, Brochures, Newsletters, Lectures and Videos:    


2021     Making Visible The Connections Ben Jones/ William Rhodes California Institute Of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA.

2019         Resurgence — Rise Again: The Art of Ben Jones

August Wilson Cultural Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2019         Extinction Notice The African American Cultural Complex, San Francisco, CA, USA

2017         Resistance\Resistencia Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana, Cuba

2014         African American Artists & Abstraction Museo Nacional De Bellas Ates, Havana, Cuba

2013     Evolution\Revolution University of South Africa (Unisa), Gallery of Art, Pretoria, South Africa

2011         Evolution\Revolution Richmix Center for the Arts, London, United Kingdom

2011         Ben Jones — Washed in the Blood Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Altoona, PA, USA

2006         El Espiritu de los Abanicos Centrico Civico Las Serenas, Sevilla, Spain

2003         Sisters of Spirit Jadite Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2003        “Women I Love – The Work of Ben Jones” Upbeat – WBGO Jazz Vol. 26 #2, 

2003        “In Praise of a spiritual Activist,” (N.J. Features Inspirational Station Art), November 2003         N.J. Transit D B Express, (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Quarterly Update), Vol. 1 

No.1, Issues

2002                     “Ben Jones – A Passion For Art” William Paterson University – Wayne, NJ

    “Dream Time,” Aljira – A Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ, Vol. 1, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2002

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1994                     “Gods and Saints – Shango/Chango:  An Installation by Ben Jones,”

 Jersey City Museum Newsletter, Fall 1994

1993    “Cultural Diversity – Tool For Empowerment and Democratizing Art Education,” 1993, Art Educators of New Jersey, 1993    

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1993    “Rediscoveries:  The Mythmakers,” Jamaica Arts Center, Jamaica, NY, October 24-December 30, 1992

1990    “Afro-Cuban Art,” (Lecture by Ben Jones), Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ, May 10, 1990

1991    “The Aljira Fine Art Auction” Aljira Art Auction, Newark, June 13, 1991

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1985    “Delta Black Arts Renaissance – A Celebration of Excellence,” Delta Sigma Theta Sority, Inc., 38th National Convention, August 6, 1985, Dallas, Texas

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1984    “A Salute to African Americans,” Passaic County Cultural Affairs Office, Passaic County Community College and The Carter C. Woodson Foundation, Feb., 4, 1984

1984    “Ben Jones” – Cloud Series – Silk Screen Prints, Broadway Art Gallery, Passaic County College, Paterson, NJ., February 1-22, 1984

1984        “Transformations” Recent Serigraphs – Ben Jones, Newark Museum, Newark, NJ, 1984

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2011                    “Culture Beyond Oil” – Ben Jones, Profiling BP & Shell, Thank You BP, January 2011

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    January 2012, Page 12        

2011                    “Midtown Monthly”- An Intimate Evening with Amiri Baraka and Ben F. Jones, 

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    Michael Hernandez 

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Havana, Cuba, June 16, 2002

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The Weekly Journal, (Exhibitions) London, England, June 16, 1994

1993                      “A Major African – American Artist Teaches at Jersey City State,” Tom Wirth, 

The Council of New Jersey State College Locals (AFT-CIO), 

420 Chestnut Street, Union, NJ, December 1993

1992                     “Chango’ Wallpaper Series:  A Fortifying Design,” Cino Colina, 

Granma International, Havana, Cuba, August 16, 1992

1990                     The Montclair Art Museum to Present The Third Biennial “Visions of Cuba” A Slide 

Presentation of Havana ’89, The Knight Examiner, Jersey City State College, 

May 1, 1990

1989        “Painting Around The World,” Theresa Nance, Herald News, Vol. 73, No. 59, 

Zone 1, December 27, 1989

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October 20, 1989

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1989        “Gold Coast Artist’s Bold Strokes Exude A Spirituality,” Jane Greenstein, GoldCoast, 

Jersey City, (Ben Exhibition of Serigraphs at the Montclair Art Museum, Montclair), March 9-16, 1989

1988        “College Video Paints ‘Portrait of Artist,” The Star Ledger, Newark, Page 52, 

January 22, 1988

1988        “Signs of Transition 80’s Art from Cuba-Center Exhibit at Mocha in New York City,”

Center for Cuban Studies, New York, March 1988

1988                     Cuban Art, The Jersey Journal, Page 36, November 30, 1988

1988                     “Portrait’ Reveals Complexities of Jersey City Artist” (Art Forum), Page 22, 

Naomi Kenan, The Gold Coast (The Jersey Journal Visual Arts), February 18-25, 1988

    “Special Gift,” The Jersey Journal, Jersey City, NJ, July 13, 1987

1986        “At State Museum – All Eyes on New Jersey,” Cindy Cornetti, 

The Trentonian, Page 39, January 5, 1986

1986        “Renowned Artist Adopted Goals at Eastside High,” Theresa Nance, 

North Jersey Herald News (Paterson Today), Page A-3, February 16, 1986

1986        “Noted Black Artist Cites Museum Censorship,” Robert F. Lanzetti, 

Herald News, February 21, 1986

1986        “Art ‘Censorship’ Charged,” David Shirley, The New York Times, (NJ Section), 

March 23, 1986

1986        “Summit:  Constructed in Jersey City,” William Zimmer, 

The New York Times, September 28, 1986

1986        “Art,” Eileen Watkins, The Star Ledger, (Friday), Page 76, March 21, 1986

1986    “Ben Jones Makes Real Contact with his Abstracts,” The Princeton Packet, (Time Off), Princeton, NJ, February 21-March 2, 1986    

1986        “State Museum Couldn’t Bare Nudity in Paintings,” Naom Kenan, The Jersey Journal, Page 2, February 25, 1986

1984        “Paterson Native’s Art Mirrors His Philosophy; Olivia Klymenko,” The Herald News 

(Section D), February 12, 1984

1984        “Silkscreen Works By Jones in Exhibit,” The Jersey Journal, April 13, 1984

1984        “New Jerseyans,” Sandra Gardner, The New York Times (NJ Section), January 8, 1984

1983        “He’s Not A Doctor but That’s Okay,” There a Nance, Paterson Greater News, 

December 31, 1983

1983    “Artist Name to Dance Board,” Jersey Journal, Page 6, December 21, 

1983        “Paterson Artist Endeavors to Capture Black History,” The New Jersey Afro-American, 

November 19, 1983

1983    “Essex Proving Attractive to Artists Trying to Start Galleries of Their Own,” Eileen Watkins, The Sunday Star Ledger, Page 12, January 2, 1983

1983        “Ben Jones – One Man Show,” The News, North Jersey, (Bulletin Board), 

December 3, 1983

1983        “Jersey City State College Prof. (JCSC) Now Head of Dance Company,” 

        The Jersey Journal, Page 11, December 9, 1983

1982        “Artist Undergoes A Transformation,” The New York Times, (NJ Section), 

June 20, 1982

1982        “Black Artists at Newark Museum,” John Caldwell, The New York Times, 

February 28, 1982

1982        “Jersey City Artist Ben Jones Moves to Cosmic Awareness,” Marian Courtney,

The Jersey Journal, May 17, 1982

1982        “New Home for the Studio Museum is Dedicated in Harlem,” The New York Times, 

June 16, 1982

1982        “Ben Jones – Art Opening,” Jersey Journal, Page CS, May 21, 1982

1981    “One Show at 2 Galleries in Newark,” Vivien Raynor, New York Times (NJ Section) Page 26, February 8, 1981

1981        “Black Artists’ Show in Newark Starts Monday,” The Jersey Journal, March 15, 1981

1981        “Ben Jones at Museum,” Jersey Journal, Jersey City, November 1981

1978        National Conference of Artists:  On Campus, Charles Barrow, Gothic Times, 

Jersey City State College, February 12, 1978

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Sunday, March 27, 1977

1976        “Newark Artist Sees Doors Opening to Works of Black,” Ernest Roberson, The Sunday 

Star-Ledger, March 21, 1976   Section 1:  Page 49

1976        “Artists Opening Jersey City State College Conference 9:00 a.m. Tomorrow,” 

Jersey, March 5, 1976

1976        “National Conference of Artists:  On Campus,” Gothic Times, Page 9, 

Jersey City State College, Page 9, 1976

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March 21, 1976

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The Star Ledger, Page 43, March 11, 1976

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New York Amsterdam News (National Scene), Page 3, October-November 1975    

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September 29, 1973    

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Section 2 – D25, Sunday, October 14, 1973


1972        “Through New Eyes” Larry Hall, The Star Ledger (Spectrum), Cover Page and 

Page 4, October 8, 1972







2004    “Life Is Watching You” Belmont – West Runyon School, Newark, NJ

2001    “In Praise of Nature, Education, Life and Spirit,” Located at Martin Luther King Drive Station, Jersey City, NJ – Commissioned by N.J. Transit - 2001




2019:    “Nina: My Muse”, Newark, NJ




2019    Ben Jones: An Artist’s Journey: In Conversation with Jordan Casteel (Rutgers University, Newark), Newark, NJ


Album Art Cover:    


“The Soul Survives, Ruth Brown,” Flair Records, New York, NY


Poster Art:


“Broadway Soul,” Lincoln Center, New York, NY; Steven Binko, “South Africa 

Freedom Movement,” National Black Lawyers Association, New York, NY, Strange 

Fruit” Documentary Film by Joel Katz on Song by Billy Holiday, 2002



2018    The Art of The Journey: The Ben Jones Story: Newark Black Film Festival, Newark, NJ

2017    The Art of The Journey: The Ben Jones Story, New York, NY

2000        “Ben Jones – Opening,” Biblioteca Nacional Jose’ Marti, Havana, Cuba, 2000

2000    “Ben Jones – Opening,” Associao Cultural Brasil Estados Unidos (ACBEU), Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, 2000

1999        “Ben Jones Opening,” Jadite Gallery, New York City, 5/1999

1996        “Ben Jones – Espace Gaite,” Paris, France - 1996

1996        “Ben Jones – Shango Installation,” Kelly Jo Pereira, 1996

1994        “Shango Installation,” Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, N.J., 1994 Opening”

1992        “The Shango Wallpaper Series,” 1992

1992        “Ben Jones,” At The Rene Portcarrero Gallery, National Theatre, Havana, Cuba, 1992

1992        “Contacto,” Cuban Television, 1992

1991        “Ben Jones” At The Williams Center, Rutherford, N.J., 

1991    “Ben Jones A Portrait,” Jane Steuerwald, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ, 1986

1983        “Ben Jones,” State of the Arts – N.J. Network Trenton, N.J. 5/23/83    

“Black Art Ancestral Legacy,” The African Impulse on African/American Art, 

The Mary Kay Foundation


Costume Design:    


Sulaimaan Dance Company, Newark, NJ, Chuck Davis Dance Company, New York City




Dancer With Chuck Davis, Dance Company (from 1968-1982) New York

Newark African Dance Society (Dancer and Assistant Director 1967-1977)


Ben Jones Artwork" JPEG'S of Images 1959 to Present

African American Artists and Abstraction 2014

New York Public Television, “State of the Arts”

New Jersey Public Television, “Express Yourself”

NBC, Channel 4, “Positively Black”

    WABC, Channel 7, “Black News”

    WLIW, Channel 21


Present Position and Responsibilities in Art Department:


1967 to Present:


Professor of Art – New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

(Drawing, Painting, Serigraphy, Color Theory, Life Drawing), African American and 

African Art, Coordinator of Fine Art Area; BFA Committee; Advisory Board, Afro-

Studies Center, Black Administrators, Alumni Faculty, Student and Staff Organization



Curatorial Work:


As an Art Professor at New City University, I have curated the Black History Month Art Exhibition since 1968.  

I have also curated art exhibitions of artists from Cuba, Italy, Ghana, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey.  

As the fine arts coordinator, I have also curated many fine art student exhibitions over the years.  Some of the nationally

known artists include Willie Cole, Bisa Washington, Gladys Graver, Mansa Mussa, Vivian McDuffy of New Jersey.  

Other artists are:  Pino Satta of Rome; Barbaro Miyares of Valencia; Kofi Essien of Accra Ghana; Bob Blackburn of 

New York and The Weusi Collective also of New York and Margaret Burroughs of Chicago.


Community Involvement:


Committee, Friends of Robeson Campus Center Gallery, Rutgers University, Newark, 

NJ; Free Art instruction to area high school students; Lecture on African and Afro-

American Art to various high schools and colleges; Recruitment of minorities from 

Newark and local high schools.


Committee Member:



Afro-American Committee of Montclair Museum, Friends of Music and Art of 

Hudson County




Newark Museum

World Print Council (1984-1988)

Montclair Art Museum

Afro-American Museum of Jersey City

National Conference of Artists

Friends of Music and Art of Hudson County (1991-2002)

Studio Museum in Harlem

Jersey City Museum

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture



Art Related Travel:


2003        Cuba

2002        Ghana

1998-2002    Cuba

1998        Italy

1996        South Africa, Paris, London, Salvador - Brazil

1995        London, Paris

1994        London, Bahia, Salvador - Brazil

1977 – Present    Cuba

1983        Spain

1981        Soviet Union Art and Culture Tour

1981-1987    Visited Cuba ten times to study Contemporary Art and Culture

1976        Haiti, Study of African Influences in Haitian Art and Culture

1975        Art of the French Caribbean, Martinique and Guadeloupe

1974        Traditional Art of French Speaking West Africa, Paris, France

1970-1974    Art of West Africa, Martuitania, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo, Nigeria, (also traveled throughout USA, Canada and Caribbean)




2016                      Humanitarian Award, Porter Colloquium, Howard University Washington, D.C.

2007                      Nation Endowment for Arts

2005                      Puffin Foundation

2002        Joan Mitchell Foundation

2001        Distinguished Artist – William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ    

2000        Council of Hispanic Affairs, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

1999        BAAFSSO Organization, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

1985        Award of Excellence in the Arts, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Arts & Letters


1984        Award of Excellence, City of Paterson and Passaic County

1982-1983    Career Development Grant, Jersey City, NJ

1980-1983    Purchase Award, National Afro-American Art Exhibition, Atlanta, GA

1980-1981    Career Development Grant, Jersey City, NJ

1977-1978    Fellowship, New Jersey State Council on the arts

1974-1975    Grant, National Endowment for Artists



        Associao Cultural Brasil – Estados Unidos, Salvador, Brasil


Collections:  (Partial Listing-Institutions)


Associao Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos (ACBEU), Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

Amistad Research Center, New Orleans, LA

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana, Cuba

Terekada Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Musee Dynamique, Darker, Senegal, West Africa

Studio Museum of Harlem, New York, NY

Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Atlanta, GA

Johnson Publication, Chicago, Illinois

New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ

Howard University, Washington, DC

Peat Marwick Corporation, Montvale, NJ

New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

Deloitte, Baskins & Morristown, NJ

Broadway Bank, Paterson, NJ

The Phillip Morris Collection, New York, NY

Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ

Museum of African American History and Culture, Detroit, MI

Paterson Public Library, Paterson, NJ

Biblioteca Nacional Jose’ Marti, Havana, Cuba    

Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ

National Conference of Art Gallery, Detroit, MI

Dusable Museum, Chicago, IL

Hammonds House, Atlanta, GA

William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

Avery Center, Charleston, SC

The Afro-American Historical Society, Jersey City, NJ

The David Driskell Collection, University of Maryland

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